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Dec 8, 2012 04:44 PM

Best place for Champagne and caviar in sf?

Friends are celebrating a big event in SF tomorrow and want to go to the very best place for Champagne and caviar. Any chow hound suggestions?

Thanks very much

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    1. This is why I miss the original Compass Rose in the St. Francis. When it first opened in the 1970's, it was such a marvelous, classy space. We took a visiting aunt there and spent the entire evening drinking champagne and eating caviar from their carts. Hot blini in endless quantities, sour cream, chopped hard boiled eggs, and Scottish lox (my spouse prefers it to caviar).

      Sigh. One of my best food memories. I love La Folie, but we've had better luck with the Tasting of Passot Roe dish (on the basis of a dish being more interesting and imaginative, especially when they don't overload it with salmon roe garnishing) than the caviar there. I like Sevruga better than Osetra, just personal preference.

      1. Michael Mina. Three kinds of caviar and 40+ Champagnes on the wine list. Gary Danko also has a large Champagne selection but last time I had their caviar service (in June) I was unimpressed. If you are going tomorrow, Sunday, be aware that La Folie is open Mon-Sat.

        1. Would have suggested The Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton, but looks like the luxury that used to be on the menu was sacrificed in the redo.

          Has anyone been to the Bubble Lounge lately? I haven't for a few years, but here's the menu.

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            Haven't been for a while, but they definitely have a good selection of Champagnes by the glass. Not sure if the caviar part is their forte, though. In any case, they are closed Sun-Mon.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Bubble Lounge is sometimes a packed club scene, with a very young suburban crowd and heavy security at the door.