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Dec 8, 2012 02:44 PM

Triangle Chili?

I've checked threads, and can't find any discussion about places in the Triangle that do a good bowl of chili. I don't mean chili mix ground beef, like the stuff that tops hot dogs or burgers, but actual chopped unground meat that is slow cooked with chilis, or veggies with good powder or such. Years ago there was a real chili parlor in Raleigh, but it didn't last long.

The (original) Q-Shack has a good chili, but using smoked brisket makes it too smoky for my taste. Ted's bison chili is ok, but ...

With winter coming (maybe), a good bowl of red might be nice to find. Durham or Chapel Hill preferred, but a serious chili is worth a drive to Raleigh or Cary. Suggestions?

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  1. The chili at the Carolina Brewery (CH location, I can't speak for the others) is good. I'm not a huge fan of their food generally but always stop in a few times when the weather is colder for chili and a dark beer.

    1. Have you tried Mitch's?

      I'm kidding...sort of. It's across the street from NCSU on Hillsborough St. Some rave about the chili there but I've concluded it's good only after drinking four or more beers. Love the atmosphere though. Definitely old school Raleigh.

      1. The chili at Fat Daddy's on Glenwood Ave is pretty dang good. I usually get two meals out of a bowl. Give it a try sometime. Large selection of beers to wash it down with as well.

        1. Weinbergs Deli is actually going to start doing Cincinnati chili with the various ways (4?)

          1. People seem to be fans of Tyler's (Taproom) chili. They make vegetarian or non.