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Dec 8, 2012 02:07 PM

Sunday before Christmas in Birmingham

Greetings, I'm going to be in Birmingham over Christmas and am looking for a place to have dinner on Sunday the 23rd. I've checked on the nice places I know (Highlands, Hot & Hot, Bottega, etc.) but am not having any luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions of places I can check?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Bummer! Are the booked solid or closed? Try Chez Fon Fon, that's a F. Stitt restaurant. But I would think if his others are closed, this would be to. Did you try Bottega restaurant AND the cafe?

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      It looks like everything is closed on Sunday. Are there any good hotel restaurants since they have to be open? Seems doubtful but thought I'd ask. I hadn't considered everyone being closed on Sunday.

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        There is a Shula's in the Riverchase Galleria hotel/mall in Hoover. Also, - there is a Fleming's steakhouse there. Wish I could help more!

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          The Renaissance Resort at Ross Bridge in Hoover has a really good restaurant - Brock's. They are fully decorated for Christmas and sometimes feature carolers and such throughout the facility.

      2. Sundays are pretty weak in BHam and combining it around Christmas makes it worse. Check this thread:

        1. I would think most places would be closed that night- Dyron's is a good choice too and Ollie Irene in mt Brook but not sure if they are open... Ruths Chris should eb open since it is in embassy Suites- great steaks~~

          1. HI,
            Thanks all for the suggestions. We've rethought the game plan and are doing brunch/lunch at Veranda on HIghland Sunday. Will report back if anything notable is served.
            Thanks again!