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Dec 8, 2012 01:04 PM

Crispo or Da Andrea?

Looking for a good moderately priced Italian restaurant in the West Village/Chelsea area. Good food is main criterion. Which of these or any other recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. I love Crispo, esp if you can snag a table in the back enclosed garden. Not a fan of Da Andrea though I know people like it.

    1. I like both. Crispo's food is slightly better but prices are somewhat higher. Da Andrea is great if budget is a consideration.

      1. I haven't been to Da Andrea. Crispo is a good choice, if you don't mind a loud environment, particularly on weekends. Malatesta is another possibility, but I prefer the rooms at Crispo, and they have good wines and grappas (though I don't have enough experience with either at Malatesta to do a straight comparison).

        1. Food slightly better at Crispo but I will never go there on a Saturday night again fer shur. They were defaulting people with reservations to tables that were in spots where, frankly, no good restaurant should have tables (inches from a swinging kitchen door? within the crowded bar waiting area? and yes, it was being done to numerous people, and couple after couple shouldn't have to go through a complaint process to get a real table if you have a reservation).

          1. Further downtown in the WV on Jane and Hudson is DelAnima. The food can be sublime. A wee bit more expensive, but at its best it can blow these two contenders out of the water.

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              Thanks NY Jewboy, I will have to try DelAnima, I need a place to regularly go to. I like Da Andrea but the menu bores me after awhile. It amazes me that everyone loves Crispo, besides being a loud , crowded annoying place to eat, I find the food merely OK. I sometimes like Po, but they are inconsistent and can get loud and crowded. When It's busy the service isn't too good. Gaetano, also in the WV has a few good dishes but overall, the place isn't too good. Bar Pitti has good food but they rush you and are not cordial.
              So again, thanks for the DelAnima rec, I will report back.