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Dec 8, 2012 12:38 PM

Non=traditional Xmas dinner

We aren't looking for the hotel turkey etc dinner (though we've enjoyed several).Any suggestions?

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  1. Dear bigbunny, it would really be useful if you could tell us what kind of cuisines you like. There is always the "alternative" tradition of going for Chinese, Indian or other non-Western food! And who is "we"? A couple, friends, a family? And are you familiar with Montréal, or is it a new destination?


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      Thanks for your interest in helping me. "We" is my husband & I. We visit Montreal a few times a year to eat and raid the Jean Talon Market. We've spent the last 3 Xmas's there because....well, we just love your city. We've done the Beaver club thing, and chinatown.(we stay in the plateau, and it was a beautiful walk down last year) We love just about all food, and Indian is one of our favorites

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      1. I agree - eat whatever you want, but also check the thread about holiday closings - quite a few restaurants, large and small, close down just before Christmas (after the office party surge) and some stay closed until after New Year's. But you'll find plenty of places open in the Plateau and Mile-End, and a short walk north to Jean-Talon market area (where I live) and down to old Chinatown or the city centre.

        Have you ever explored the South Asian restaurants (Indian, Pakistani, etc) in Parc-Extension? There are several threads on that, looking up Little India and Parc (or Park) Extension. Many are byow. Easy to get to by metro from the Plateau. I'm sure others will have recommendations for fancier Indian restaurants, including some in the Plateau.