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Dec 8, 2012 11:23 AM

SOS: Bahlsen Butter Biscuit Quest! (Central CT)

Hello, friends and neighbors. It's time to make bourbon balls and I CANNOT find Bahlsen butter biscuits locally. I've tried:

Gardiner's Market, South Glastonbury (this is the last place I've seen them)
Tri-Town, Portland
Stop & Shop, Middletown

If push comes to shove, I can buy them online, but would prefer to grab them locally if at all possible. Can you help a kat out?

My other thought is to change up my recipe to include the chocolate covered ones, but in the meantime...

Here's the online option:

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  1. do you have an Ocean State Job Lot anywhere near you? there are lots of odd and random cookies in the food section. i don't recall seeing those specifically but i've never looked.

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      1. re: kattyeyes

        Same vein: Marshall's or T.J. Maxx?

        1. re: dennisl

          Thank you both. I still haven't had time to really go on a quest for the plain butter biscuits BUT...the good news is, I made bourbon balls with chocolate-covered butter biscuits, Bahlsen's Choco-Leibniz, and I like them EVEN BETTA!

          How lucky to find a replacement I prefer to the original! :) And they were on sale, even--2 for $4 at Stop & Shop!

      2. re: rudysmom

        My mom did snag three boxes of Bahlsen Butter Leaves for me at Ocean State in Old Saybrook. Good call! I really think they taste even better with Choco-Leibniz now, though. :) Just in case the mood hits you to make bourbon balls--'tis the season, after all!

      3. They're back in Stop & Shop now--of course, go fig!