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Dec 8, 2012 10:48 AM

Brownies: Edgers vs Insiders

I'm an insider all the way. I even like slightly underdone, fudgy moist brownies. I avoid the "edges"- whereas, I know a lottt of people that go nuts over the chewier, "crispier" edge piece of a brownie. There's even that zigzag baking dish that churns out an entire pan of edge pieces. SO tell me. Are you an Edger, or an Insider?? (Feel free to come up with better monikers)

P.S - For those who haven't seen said pan, here:

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  1. I also prefer the inside, and cannot fathom the appeal of the edges of brownies.

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    1. Edges all the way! I love that dense, chewy area. I've been known to eat around a pan of brownies and toss the rest...

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      1. re: Hobbert

        Same here with edges. When I make brownies for a pot luck, I will sometimes trim the edges off for myself, and deliver a tray of inside-only brownies for everyone else.

        1. re: Hobbert

          Let the rest get stale and it will be like the edge.

        2. Insider without question. The inside is fudgier and more flavourful (in my mind at least!).

          1. edger, definitely, and I only make cakelike brownies, never fudgy/moist

            1. Edger.

              And not just for brownies. Lasagna, bread pudding, cornbread, pizza, meatloaf, rice krispy treats, sheet cakes, pot pies, etc.

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              1. re: ipsedixit

                Brownies are the only place I prefer the insides. Otherwise I am a with you- I like the crispy edges of lasagna, bread pudding, cornbread, pizza, meatloaf, pot pies, etc.

                1. re: foodieX2

                  I started this post because of a Yahoo! news article that had a recipe for crispy mac and cheese- basically you cook the mac and cheese on a baking sheet, so the whole thing ends up being like the crispier top layer of most mac's. It really didn't appeal to me that much. I like the inside of mac and cheese as well.

                  1. re: Meowzerz

                    There needs to be a foil. That mac and cheese sounds gross. You need the soft center to counter that extra crispy topping.

                    Maybe I need to label myself a "corner" instead of an "insider" or "edger". The corners are perfect mix of soft and crunchy/chewy. Again with a brownie I want the center cut but with everything else I am a "corner" gal.

                    1. re: foodieX2

                      I agree - yin and yang, ya know?!

                    2. re: Meowzerz

                      Oh wow, I'm all about the crusty bits of macaraoni and cheese. I usually steal the top crust and then dig deep to get the crusty stuff against the sides of the pan.

                    3. re: foodieX2

                      I come from a family of 'edgers.' My mother used to bake kugels, meatloaf, salmon loaf, bread pudding, etc in cup cake tins so we all coulf have krispy outsides and not be stuck with an inner piece from a square or rectangular pan

                    4. re: ipsedixit

                      Interesting. I'm an insider for pretty much everything... so funny! I'm a gooey kind of gal. lol.

                      1. re: Meowzerz

                        Marry me and we can make lovely food music ...

                      2. re: ipsedixit

                        Inner for brownies--in fact, I'll often slightly reduce the amt of flour just to keep 'em extra gooey. However, I'm an edger for the things ipsedixit listed--in fact, often make cornbread in the tiny cupcake pan, just so that every bit has more crispy surface.

                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          I am with you all the way! Love all the edges!