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Dec 8, 2012 10:11 AM

Christmas take out.

Circumstances have made it necessary to have two Christmas meals and I don't want to cook twice. I'll take care of Christmas Eve with one group, but we need suggestions for someplace that can provide buy ahead entree's and sides for 6-7. Probably not Mexican, but Italian, or other ethnic cuisine with a possiblility that a single vegetarian can be sated.

My inlaws used to have aluminum trays of ham, lasagna, beans, etc from a local deli. I'm never gone looking around Austin.

Any suggestions for where to go on the 23rd or so?

If it matters, I live north of downtown and south of 183.

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      1. re: redhatcharm

        Thanks for the long list. I'll get started on the web search and drop in a couple of the places this week.

    1. If you want to stick with more traditional stuff like at your in-laws' spread, try Lee's Meat Market in Jefferson Square. I've ordered uncooked prime rib roast from them in the past and would again in a heartbeat. The only prepared food I've had from there is pecan pie and it was good.

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      1. re: agoodbite

        Interesting idea. I've only been to Lee's one time, mostly to just see what was there. They were busy, it was crowded, and since I wasn't buying anything that day I decided not to be a nuisance and take up customer space.

        Haven't done a prime rib in ages. Unfortunately, our Chrismas menu is more a matter of tradition than innovation, so it will have to wait on a later occasion.


        1. Whenever we visit the in-laws, we have Christmas Eve dinner at Maggiano's. It's decent chain Italian, sufficient to please the whole crowd. I know they offer catering trays but even the individual carry-out meals are pretty sizeable. I bet you could get similar take out from Buca di Beppo or Cannoli Joe's, depending on convenience and personal taste.

          1. Din Ho does a lovely whole suckling pig. Last xmas we ate there and at least 20 went out the door. A plus would be that you can easily get something vegetarian pretty easily there. The snow pea leaves are excellent.