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Dec 8, 2012 08:35 AM

Best place to buy my whole bone-in prime rib this year?

Last year was Bob's Market. Very good. I've done everything from Costco to expensive mail order. Any ideas around the westside?

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  1. I've always had good luck with Costco standing rib. They are also accommodating by taking my request, in abvance, for a larger (6 bones) roast.

    1. Have you noticed a big difference in flavor or tenderness between any/all of the ones you've tried? I'll just throw out Harvey's Guss as the best butcher in LA for your quest.

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        I really noticed a difference in the ones I used to get, years ago, from Owen's Market, on Pico. This was back before the ownership changed, and back when they dry-aged on premises. There was a butcher there, his name was Richard, I got to know very well. He used to let me pick out my whole rib, in advance, before it would go back for aging. Then I would pick it up a few days before Christmas eve. Last I heard, Richard was working at Bob's on Ocean Park. But they don't dry age. Alas . . .

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          I wonder where Richard would rec...?

      2. If you don't mind driving HOWS Market,, has USDA Prime for excellent prices. Look for specials. I recently purchased a whole Prime Chateaubriand for $7/pound. They should put prime rib on special close to Christmas; I hope so because that's on my menu as well. Good luck.

        1. And I'm wondering about in Orange County?