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Dec 8, 2012 07:37 AM

Going to Sydney,need help looking for good local food.Thanks~

Hello, my family (3 ppl) are going to Sydney tomorrow, I know this is kind of last minuet, but I've just found this site.

Anyway, we are looking for some good local food, and not too expensive. Open to all types of suggestions, we want to try different kinds of food, it can also not be restaurant,even simple good sandwich/bakery,pastry shops are ok:) (not Asian though, we get to eat a lot of Asian food all the time)

We will be wandering around from Darling Harbor, to around Surry Hills, and so on, because since we are travelling by ourselves, we can go where ever we want. So we are willing to go into the neighborhoods to try out good food. It is best if there are suggestions from the locals:)

Thank you so much~

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  1. What things did you feel previous threads haven't covered for you?

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Mm..I'm not really looking for fancy restaurants, like Quay and Sepia and so on, but simple and delicious meals that the locals go for:)

      Oh, I found a place called Erciyes in some of the threads, how is it? I'm thinking of going over there,many said that the pide there is awesome