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Dec 8, 2012 05:29 AM

Does anyone have experience making or good recipe for Lamington's?

I love the looks of these little things, I can imagine they would add a bit of delight to a holiday cookie tray. I consider making them every year, but have never found a great recipe. Have any of you ever made them, what did you think? Are they one of those things that look better than they taste? Or, do you love them and have a tried and trusted recipe you want to share?

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    1. What a coincidence, I actually just made this recipie for a party I was going to tonight, but had to cancel because I'm sick, and didn't want to try them out and give more power to the migraine.....I made them in stages, so they came together pretty easily. I've had this recipie in my folder for a few years....note, they do turn out pretty big for 24, so maybe a bit big for a cookie tray, sort of a fork and plate dessert...

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        I would love to hear how they taste, please let m e know if you try them.

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          I will, and bringing them to a work party tomorrow so I'm sure they will get lots of feedback.

        2. re: geminigirl

          Got rave reviews on this from co-workers, and they look quite sophisticated as well, but actually pretty easy to make. I really like them as well, it's like having a little piece of cake with the bonus of every bite having frosting. These store very well in the fridge, wondering how they would do frosted in the freezer...then you can have a piece of cake whenever you want!