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Dec 8, 2012 05:04 AM

French and Asian Options in Spokane

My friends have moved to the Spokane area and I would like to surprise them with gift certificates to two restaurants. They gravitate towards French and Asian (but not Japanese) food. I'm condiderign Sante and Gordy's Sichuan Cafe. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Sante is an excellent restaurant and only has a French accent or style to it, so It's not really French no matter what they say. However they are excellent in what they do. For something a little more French you may want to check out Fleur De Sel in Post Falls (about a 20 minute drive east of Spokane).

    I also highly recommend Gordy's, can't go wrong there, but there is a small, but good Asian style bistro call Chan's Bistro which is probably my second favorite in the Spokane area. Spokane is very hit and miss on Chinese style food so I would only stick with those two, however there are some good Vietnamese and Thai places, if you want some names let me know.

    Another unique restaurant you might consider is Blue Table Kitchen, they do family-style dinner parties that are theme orientated. They have done French in the past.

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      RetiredChef -

      I'm interested in the Vietnamese and Thai places you would recommend. Also, if you wouldn't mind... I would love to get your recommendations on what dishes to order.

      If you need more specifics.
      Who has the best Pho?
      Who has the best Vietnamese entrees?

      Where is your favorite Thai place/places and what dish must we order?

      Thanks in advance - and if I'm not mistaken, I always appreciate you reviews on Yelp under the same username?

      1. re: ef8mugen

        Opinions are like as....... we all got one - LOL


        Best Pho in Spokane is Pho Van A on Division
        Best Pho in the area is Pho Thanh in CDA
        Best Vietnamese entree's either one of the above.

        Best Thai - Thai Grill or Thai on First NOTE: Thai Kitchen on pines is said to be excellent and in 5 attempts I have had no luck in finding them open or without at least a 1 hour wait for food. Special mention to Sala Thai in Airway heights.

        Here is my yelp profile