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Dec 8, 2012 04:28 AM

random reviews from Sanibel, Fort Myers....

The hound is playing dead in our area. Weeks go by without an interesting question or review. Here are a couple of places we have been lately that I don't think have been reviewed here, or at least not lately.

Il Tesoro Sanibel. First tier outpost of a New York upper-east side resto by the same name. We had dinner last night using a groupon I had bought earlier this year. What a charming restaurant! Funky, relaxed yet romantic atmosphere. Tiny space tucked behind a great local artist cooperative.

We split a small simple salad while we waited for our delicious entrees. My husband had a seafood mixture of lobster, shrimp, grouper, maybe some bass and scallops over squid with ink. Totally delicious. I had lobster ravioli with a sage butter sauce.

Ordered a lemon tart with pine nuts and a key lime tiramisu...probably would not order that again. Would pick the lemon tart over the key lime tiramisu. I wish more places would have light desserts or just serve fruit. I'd love to see Panna Cotta on a list sometime.

Excellent bottle of Jermann pinot grigio. Liza, our server, was very good and had an engaging personality. Tiny place. Must reserve at this time of the year.

They had an antipasto display as we walked in. We will definitely get that next time.

Second place: Tucked in off College Pkwy near US 41. Kenwood Lane Grille.
Tiny continental style place...very casual with very well made food. This is the definition of a mom and pop restaurant. He cooks, she serves.

I had one of the best risottos ever here. It was superb with wild mushrooms and a pronounced porcini flavor. Totally delicious. We split a crabcake appetizer. My husband had steak au poivre which he said was a good as any ever. This place is very inexpensive for the quality.

The only annoying note is the hovering wife. I enjoyed her the first time but it gets to be a bit much. Chef does this, chef does that. Showing us everything coming out of the kitchen. I don't want my dinner making the rounds before landing at my place. They are trying very hard and have a great culinary background. Let's keep them in business Hounds.

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  1. Where is Il Tesoro located?

    And I also enjoyed the Kenwood. Pretty superb food. I agree the hovering wife is a bit annoying, but if that's my biggest gripe I'm generally pleased.

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    1. re: bagofwater

      You must not have read: Il Tesoro, Sanibel.

      It is tucked behind an art gallery on Tarpon Bay RD between Periwinkle and Cap-San rd. Worth the trip anytime, IMO.

      You may be happy with the hovering, but we found it really annoying after a few visits and there are too many other places. Hope they can hire a professional staff soon.

    2. Could u recommend anything good in th historic district in Fort Myers?

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      1. re: hetook

        Here are a few: Ford's Garage: has an old Ford jalopy hanging from the ceiling, backfiring. Excellent burger bar. Beer.

        Old fashioned white cloth southern place: The Veranda. This time of year eat in the garden. In two old houses in the middle of the historic district.

        I am anxiously awaiting Firestone's. They have hired a great chef and their building and location are awesome. We will be there when they open for sure. Can't find a website for them yet, but here is their Facebook page:!/pa...

        1. re: LilMsFoodie

          Thnk-you. Feels like you just took me out for dinner and drinks. Might u know of this boulangerie down in the same district? I got lost once looking for it. I remember they had the best croissant chocolat.

          1. re: hetook

            You are more than likely thinking of French Bread Oven, which maybe became Lush Bakery. I am not sure if it is still there. Lots of fighting between various parties. Found a French Bread Oven down in Naples and I've seen a Lush Bakery on 41 in Estero.


            It may or may not be the same. I do love their croissants, but haven't had one for some time.

            1. re: LilMsFoodie

              All i know is the place was near by a civic bldg. Run by couple from France was like stepping into a Paris bakery.

              1. re: hetook

                There will not be more than one French bakery in Fort Misery

                  1. re: hetook

                    Confirmed yesterday, as it is close to Christmas and I always get a Buche de Noel from them along with croissants on Christmas morning. Andre still is running the show baking french pastry and bread as he has for many years. The downtown location is at 1st and Broadway as I described, in the shadow of the Federal building. 561-0306

      2. I'm paying them a visit.