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Dec 8, 2012 12:37 AM

Thoughts on my Tokyo Food List Must trys?

Wagyu Burger - Blacow
Tonkatsu - Maizen
Tonkotsu Ramen- Ichiran
Kani Shabu Shabu - Seryna
Mousse Cake - Hidemi Sugino
Teppanyaki- Yasaiya teppan'yakiyasaikabukicyouten
Tempura - Tsunahachi
Beef Cutlets / Wagyu Steaks - Meat Shop/ Steak House Sato
Curry- Coco Ichiban
Okonomiyaki - Kiji
Chicken Sashimi - Kokekokko
Unagi- Izuei Honten
Soba - Sarashina-Horii
Soba - Minatoya
Sushi - Sukiyabashi Jiro
Tsukumen Ramen
Toritsune Shizendou
Robata - inakaya
Fine Dining- nirasawa or nihonryori ryugin

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  1. Is there any special reason you're posting under two different names?

    >Wagyu Burger - Blacow
    Nice, if you really need to try burgers in Tokyo.

    >Tonkatsu - Maizen
    It's called Maisen, and while it's a fun experience, there are much better tonkatsu restaurants. Butagumi, for example.

    >Tempura - Tsunahachi
    There are two different chains with this name. The Shinjuku-based one has several different levels. I think Tsunahachi Rin is a nice balance in terms of price performance, but the honten is a fun experience.

    >Curry- Coco Ichiban
    There are much, much better choices; do a search on the curry thread on this board.

    >Chicken Sashimi - Kokekokko
    I'd choose other dishes there first.

    >Robata - inakaya
    Not very good price performance. Or, to put it another way, a total rip-off.

    1. love coco curry. If you like that style might also want to give go-go curry a try as well.

      1. Agree with Robb S on Coco Ichibanya. I'm never opposed to restaurant chains in Japan because most are pretty good, but Coco is pretty mediocre. GoGo Curry is definitely much better. My favorite is Moyan Curry.

        I also think that, for some of the food items you list, it may not be worth making the time to go specifically to the place you mention (eg, okonomiyaki, mousse cake). If I were you, I'd shorten your list and instead plan on being open-minded to discovering things on your own once you get to Tokyo and trying things that look good.

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          Yeah, Coco Ichibanya is OK. GoGo Curry serves Kanazawa style curry, and is a chain based there with many curry shops serving a similar style curry in Ishikawa prefecture. As a regional chain, it's fairly unusual. If we're talking chains, I actually prefer the curry at Royal Host. But it could have been their monthly specials when I've had it. Either way, the OP could find a better variety of curries at some grungy curry shops, or at some low-down teishoku-yas or anyplace where someone puts some energy and dedication into making curry from scratch.
          Here's a good place to start: