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Dec 7, 2012 10:14 PM

doughnut dolly omg [Oakland]

well i finally made it to doughnut dolly. omg.

a brilliant creme fraiche filled doughnut. the filling is genius. the outside is delicious. i can't think of any way it could be better.

chatted w/ hannah (owner/baker) for a bit. a lovely young woman. it was a little after 8 am; and she'd been up for 6 hours. not for the faint of heart, the life of the baker.

and there actually is a link in this story to my favorite sweet on the planet, st. john's lemon curd doughnut (london). hannah had friends who raved about st. john's doughnuts, just as she was refining hers; and their description of what was brilliant helped her to get hers to where she wanted it in texture. she's never been there, would love to try one of their doughnuts.

so chow folks: if anyone's coming back to the bay area from london on a saturday or sunday and can race by st. john's bread and wine or saturday at neal's yard @ borough mkt, en route to heathrow, and grab a couple doughnuts and bring them immediately upon landing to hannah, you would be doing a mitzvah (good deed).

the equipment hannah uses to squirt in the filling is beautiful--imported from europe for that purpose (when she was still underground, she used a pastry bag, not sustainable for a going business).

so now i have a big problem. how to not keep going back for more. sigh.

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  1. doughnut dolly
    482 B 49th Street Oakland, CA 94609
    (510) 338-6738

    1. A few times her seasonal flavors have run out by about noon or before (e.g., quince and, IIRC, raspberry). She always has enough of that destination worthy creme fraiche filling, but it's worth it to get there early to see what else she is up to. I like her chocolate filling quite a bit as well.

      1. sad facebook post this am from Doughnut Dolly:

        Bad news: no doughnuts today. The dough fell off the racks, and wasn't salvageable. I am so sad. So sorry.
        Dough takes 8 hours to make, so, I can't make more for today.
        Making more dough for tomorrow!
        Thanks for your patience.

        1. I also really like the donuts: they are somewhat more dense than regular donuts, but still very soft.

          They also sell foccacia. I was very impressed with the squash-onion foccacia I picked up last month.

          1. Neal's Yard is one of my favorite places in London, I wish I was there now. Some of the people at the Cowgirl Creamery used to work at Neal's Yard, I always talk to them when I stop by to get cheese. I'll have to try the St. John's lemon curd doughnut next time I'm in London, thanks for the tip.