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Dec 7, 2012 10:07 PM

Two Special Special Restaurants for January

My beloved (and spry) Mom is turning 90 in January. She doesn't need much but she does like eating and going to restaurants. She is going to join the regular girl's dinner out I have with two of my sisters-in-law and then I'd like to go out again as a foursome with my husband and her gentleman friend, who's pushing 95. I'm considering Staple and Fancy for Girl's Night, Her friend has some trouble walking so stairs/steps or a long walk from parking/drop off would be an issue. He's also not very adventurous. Canlis springs to mind, but I think it might be dark for their navigation. As for Mom's food preferences, she said, "Anything but Chinese. We have that fairly often." Early dining would also be a plus. Ideas?

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  1. I don't remember Canlis being dark--I've been 3 times and unless something changed in the last year in terms of lighting, I like that choice.

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      Agreed. I was just at Canlis and it was not dark. Instead of Staple and Fancy you could do Spinasse or Book Bindery as well.

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        Maybe it's my memory that's dim! Mom has been there before, for one of my significant birthdays. Book Bindery is on the sister's list and we really liked Spinasse.

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          All of those are good - depends on the atmosphere they want for the Girl's night. Staple & Fancy is probably the most lively and fun if you do the fancy menu - Book Bindery much more sedate.

      2. Jeri,

        I think your instincts here are excellent. Staple & Fancy is a great choice for something fun, modern and delicious, and Canlis is still a classic and excellent choice for special occasions. The lighting in Canlis varies widely by time of day and of year, since they have giant lake-facing windows. I was there around this time last year, and even though it was dimmer than my previous visit, it was easily navigable, with few tricky steps.

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          Canlis would be hard to top. I'm sure if you called ahead and explained your situation they would be ready to ensure the lighting is adequate for your guests.

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            Bourbongal is absolutely right about this. Canlis takes hospitality and customer service VERY seriously, and they would do whatever was necessary to ensure that your visit was perfect.

        2. Reporting back! We had a great time at Staple and Fancy. I had no idea what a lavish spread their "fancy" dinners are. Mom said, "I hope someone is taking notes so I can remember everything we ate!" If they had stopped bringing food after the appetizers I would have thought myself well fed. Bring your appetite and your sense of adventure. Lots of fun. I also appreciate the availablity of half glasses of wine and "mocktails". Tonight we went to Canlis. It's a beautiful space, the food is good, but what really sets it apart is the service. You feel taken care of. My husband says, "They fuss over you without being fussy." It's the best place I've been for making a special occasion feel really special. Mom said, "Let's do it again in 10 years!"

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            I am delighted that both excursions were such a success. Your Mom is a lucky lady to have such a nice daughter. I hope to be treated with at least a fraction of your thoughtfulness in my later years. Thanks for the report!

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              Also it sounds like she has a great mom!