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Dec 7, 2012 09:06 PM

Any good Italian restaurants on the Upper East Side or Midtown East?

Any good Italian restaurants on the Upper East Side or Midtown East? The prices doesn't matter.

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    1. Cesare Casella has opened Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto at 903 Madison Avenue (between 72nd & 73rd). I like the original one on Amsterdam Avenue and he uses and makes great products.

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        Second this recommendation! Love their porchetta. And fennel salami.

      2. If you do not mind the somewhat cramped seating and often perfunctory service, and if prices do not matter to you, you might insert Scalinatella into the running. I've had some really outstanding dishes here over several dinners.

        Here as elsewhere, the best dishes are usually the specials recited by the waiter. They will also prepare most dishes from the Italian-American canon, even if not listed on the (short) menu.

        I dined there last night with an out-of-town guest who is enamored of the place; two of us had the off-menu veal Francese and we both agreed that it was some of the best veal we had had in many years. Friend had a veal paillard special with Fontina and was equally wowed by the quality of the meat. Both veal dishes are in hte $48 range, give or take, so that will give you ann idea of the price point. Spaghetti with tomato sauce, on the other had, fell far short of the high mark for this dish set by Scott Conant (Scarpetta) and others. In short, I would only order pasta from the specials of the day list. If yoyu like fish, their Dover sole (the real thing here) is legendary, for good reason.

        Despite the high prices, the place was jam packed on a Friday night. The place is tiny; you must book ahead.

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        1. I second Scalinatella but be warned prices are high! Ambience is great.

          1. Canaletto- 60 th street between 2nd and 3 rd. everything is lovely and uncramped. If you plan ahead you can get the meal at a discount via savored. Our go to Italian in the neighborhood. Personally I dislike Scalinatella-the prices have no connection to the food and unless you ask, they don't tell you the prices of the specials-the surprise at the end of the meal is always unpleasant.