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Dec 7, 2012 08:28 PM

Lisbon for New Year's and Jan 3-8th in Barcelona

We are a 60 year old couple from Vancouver will be in Lisbon for New Years Eve 2012 and then flying to Barcelona on the 3rd of January, will be there till the 8th, then a 9 day cruise to the Canaries.
Would love some tips on good restaurants in Lisbon, and ones with New Years Eve menu, we are staying on the rua casthilo.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lisbon is well covered on this board (search box on upper right corner of this page), but specifically for New Year, you either you want to be in the crowd (Terreira do Paço and the "Baixa" or the "Parque das Nações") or well away from it... Matter of taste! Whichever you chose, you want to be at midnight somewhere you can see the fireworks. For me being of the 2nd type, I would book a table for the "Reveillon" at the Panorama restaurant at the Sheraton.
    This site will show you what you can expect in term of prices (click on "Menu de Reveillon")
    Unfortunately, I cannot find anything about this year's offer so you will have to look at restaurant's websites for details.

    1. Near rua Castilho, and just for the food try Assinatura and Pedro e o Lobo. Both very good and in a walkable distance (less than 5 minutes) from your hotel. I think they have a special menu without any special party.