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Barcelona - your latest favourite tapas near in central Barcelona

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Hi all,
I know, you have suggested many great places for great tapas in Barcelona , but could you kindly help out to select some great ones around the area of Hotel Jazz Pelai, 3, L'Eixample, 08001 Barcelona. This is pretty much central, from what I gathered. I never visited Barcelona before, but if that can help, I am expecting tapas places that are either equal or superior to San Sebastian's most popular pintxos (I know, I should not compare San Sebastian to Barcelona, but this was just to constructively convey my expectations as much as I could). So, great tapas even for the locals, of good value, at walkable distance to that hotel. In Spain, asking for delicious food at reasonable price is not impossible from what I could observe in San Sebastian, therefore I believe I am not asking for the moon in my request for Barcelona. Also: if you have great recs for breakfasts (great value, delicious food), please let me know, Thanks!

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  1. This doesn't answer you specifically but Barcelona may be the easiest city I've ever visited for getting around. Their Metro system is just super. And it's just not a huge city, land mass-wise, so walking is easy and taxis aren't ridiculously expensive cause you're not going long distances. I highly recommend Paco Meralgo which IS in Eixample, I believe, but that covers a lot of ground, it seems. You'll have a wonderful time, I'm sure.

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      Thanks C Oliver. I'll give a try for Paco Meralgo.