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Dec 7, 2012 07:48 PM

Renting an apt in Haut Marais Rue Dupetit Thouars and Rue du Temple March 15-31 2013

Metro is Temple or Arts des Metier.

Need to know shops to buy groceries, boulangeries for breakfast and snacks, restaurants, bistros, winebars for dinner and lunch


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  1. Au Bascou should be close by, and the prix-fixe lunch is a good deal.

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    1. re: Oakglen

      Thanks. Will add to my my short list.

    2. You're in the centre of Paris. There's a bunch of stuff, much of it reported and re-reported and re-re-reported on these pages. Do a more specific search pertaining to the the area you're staying in using the search window above right with the magnifying glass icon. Report back if you feel unsated.

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        Thanks. I've been reading the other threads as well. Had a question re the mini-restaurants that someone mentioned. Apparently most close at 8pm. What exactly are these?

      2. You are in the middle of one of the most bustling and commercial area of central Paris, loaded with food shops; just 2 minutes from your apartment: Enfant Rouge, two supermarche, Monoprix on r. du Temple, Franprix on r. de Bretagne, which is a big shopping street. On that street are Fromagerie de France, Nicolas and Le Repaire de Bacchus for wine. Sari Azria for produce, Boucherie de la Mairie for meat, a fish market. Those are just a little bit of rue de Bretagne. Nearby for bread/pastry: Bunel Sebastienne, Onfroy, Maison Brocco, Rose. Cafes abound. A few steps beyond: the Richard Lenoir market, Pain de Sucre, Jacques Genin, etc, etc, etc. Just step out of your apartment and wonder in all directions. Will leave the restaurants and wine bars for more the knowledgeable and discriminating folks. Besides there are tons of places to eat on earlier posts.

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          Wow. Thanks for this info. We plan to eat out but also take a break with by bringing in local food and relax with charcuterie, wine and fromage and baguettes.

        2. You're just a couple of blocks from the great Jacques Genin, Chocolatier and much more! His salted caramels are world renowned, and a chocolat chaud with a pastry is to die for!

          133 rue de Turenne.

          1. Two restaurants close by that we enjoy are the previously mentioned AuBascou, which has a strong Basque influence, and Pramil which doesn't get much notice on this site, but we much prefer it to its' same street, much more famous neighbor, l'Ami Louis.

            I might add that you are also close to Rue Volta which has a few Vietnamese/Chinese gems, that we were introduced to by the omniscient Parigi.