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knife sharpening [NC- Triangle]

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Looking for recommendations, preferably iin Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh area. I use a diamond and steel on regular basis but my knives are still dull. I've been disappointed in results from a recommended shop in a Chapel Hill shopping centre. Appreciate suggestions.

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  1. Are you talking about the place in U Mall? I think it is called kitcheworks? That is where I was planning on taking my knives.

    1. I've used Kitchenworks twice, and have been pleased. Southern Season also sharpens knives (of course in the same University Mall as Kitchenworks.) Might I ask which of those did work that was unsatisfactory? Cliff, at Cliff's (butcher) Market in Carrboro, sharpens knives too.

      1. I was at the new Sur La Table store at the Southpoint mall today and learned that they sharpen knives, including Japanese knives. $1 per inch. Can't vouch for quality as I haven't used them yet but will give them a try with my Japanese knives. I could be wrong but I don't think Kitchenworks, who I've used for my other knives, does Japanese knives.

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          Do you know what their turnaround time is? I have a Japanese knife that I keep meaning to take to SS, but the scheduling always makes that inconvenient.

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            They said "while you shop" unless they are slammed, so don't try on Friday evening or the weekend.

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              Or really any time before Christmas, I hate to say. I was in there on Monday around 2 pm and the place was a madhouse. Once the holidays are over I'm sure it will go back to being fairly quiet on weekdays.

        2. I've been pleased with Kitchenworks, too, and I take my knives there a couple times a year. A dollar per inch sounds rather pricey ... they'd have to do a stellar job in order to get that kind of money from me ...

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            Yes, sorry, I did mean Kitchenworks. I've used them twice for 2 different knives and afraid my experience wasn't as positive as others'. One of the blades was visibly bent when it was returned (not to say that they bent it, but that they didn't fix it). Maybe I'll try Southern Season.

          2. Hancock Fabrics (at least the one on Hillsborough Road in Durham) will have a knife sharpener come to the store every few weeks; they post his schedule in their store window. I've taken my knives there to have them sharpened and they have done a good enough job. I took my knives to Kitchenworks once; they did a good job, but I had to leave my knives with them for a couple of days (is that normal?).

            1. Following up to say that I did take a knife to Southern Season and was pleased with the result. They told me they use a service called Pro Chef.

              1. After doing quite a lot of research and heading up a dead end or two, I've finally found a very good solution for my double-beveled knives that doesn't require my spending a year as a knife grinder's apprentice. The three-wheel ceramic water sharpener from MinoSharp did an excellent job on both my Japanese and Western knives, including what was essentially a regrind on my Chinese cleaver. It's a little pricey at $75, but I'm okay with that. Won't work on single-bevel knives, however.

                1. My name is Timothy Barnes and I am starting a Knife and tool sharpening service on the south side of Durham. I will offer a pick up and drop off service and offer two tier pricing. I can use a belt method for $3 per knife,and $2 per steak knife. All serrated knives and ceramic knives are sharpened this way unless otherwise discussed. I use special belts for this that do not heat up causing damage to the temper of the steel. These belts go up to 2,000 grit. I also offer traditional Japanese wet stone sharpening taking your knives to new levels of sharp going to 10,000 grit. For $1 per inch. If you would be interested it this please leave a messages and I will return your call. Free pick up and drop off only to south side Durham and RTP area. Thank you.

                  Sincerely, Timothy Barnes. Owner of The Professional Edge (919) 237-2860

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                      Sure, The Professional Edge Email is GetSharpTPE@Gmail.com and thank you for your interest. But really that fastest way to get a hold of someone to help you would to be just call the above number or my cell phone (919) 402-6407. We are still a small operation so just say "Hi I need some knives sharpened!" and we will get down to business!

                  1. I reached out to Tim of Professional Edge and had him sharpen my knives and kitchen shears. Tim picked up my knives (I live near Nana's in Durham) and returned them next day with pricing in line with his post. The knives look great and I would recommend him if you live near Durham.