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Dec 7, 2012 07:13 PM


I'm hosting this years xmas party (40 people) and I need help with how much food I need. Here is my menu.
lasagna,2 kind of meatballs,cold cuts with buns,cheese,potato salad,brocoli salad, coleslaw, hot spinach dip,mexican dip,vegetable tray and cold shrimps.

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  1. Google "How Much Food Do I Need?" for inspiration

    1. Here's a link to USDA School Cafeteria large quantity recipes - 50 & 100 servings.
      This should give you an idea of quantities needed:

      1. much also depends on your budget, doesn't it?

        figure about 6 oz. of protein per person, but if you're putting out shrimp cocktail, people tend to pig out on that.