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Dec 7, 2012 07:09 PM

Hong Kong Noodle

A regular took me on my first visit to Hong Kong Noodle. Great spicey seafood hotpot, and a deliteful fried fish dish covered with krispy fried garlic. Great friendly service and the place was filled with asian diners. I'll be going back. What dished to you like there? What should I skip?
Had my first avocado smootie and it was excellent. Also had a sip of the best iced coffee I've ever tasted.

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  1. I used to enjoy their noodles with chinese sausage and XO sauce.

    1. Their roast duck and roast pork was pretty good.

      1. I used to love their Singapore style rice noodles. Haven't been there in quite a while, though. Please keep reporting!

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        1. re: diesel

          +1 on the Singapore Noodles!

          Whenever I'm there, though, I'm usually ordering from the board full of specials. I pretty much aim a dart. :-) It's all tasty even if I cannot verify the authenticity.

          1. re: steve_in_stpaul

            Congee is good as well as the BBQ pork & wonton noodle soup.