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Dec 7, 2012 06:37 PM

Where can I find Zabaglione in San Francisco?

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in San Francisco that serves zabaglione, aka zabaione, aka sabayon, etc?

It is an Italian dessert of egg yolks and wine and a few other ingredients, whipped up and served hot. The traditional presentation is to serve it overflowing in a parfait glass, which is quite dramatic. I first had it at Milano in the 80's, but it was not on their menu when I was last there. Unlike most other desserts, this has to be made to order.

I am not interested in the frozen variety or the ice cream that supposedly has the same flavor. For me, the whole point is the texture and the temperature.

Fino on Post Street is the only place in SF where I have been able to find it recently.

Is it available anywhere else?

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  1. It's not in SF but I had some six months ago at Cafe Pro Bono in Palo Alto.

    1. Not in SF but at Marin Joe's just off 101 in Corte Madera. Don't know about the new version of Joe's in the city, but this is very traditional version of Joe's founded by relative of the original Original Joe. The sound of the zag being whipped in copper utensil over flame in open kitchen is one of the best things about this place. It's only 8AM as I write this but I have made my non-dessert fancier self hungry for zabaglione right now...

      1. I had it at Ristorante Milano on Pacific St. in SF several years ago but I don't see it on the menu today. You may want to call them and see if they make it.

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          Sorry - I see you had it at Milano too. Might be worth a call.

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              They do, but unless they've improved, I wouldn't send anyone there.


              Though the same used to be true of Vanessi's, and their zabaglione was one of the handful of dishes it was safe to order there. I had one of the oddest meals of my life there, sitting at the counter, eating minestrone, Caesar salad, herring, and zabaglione while watching the cooks burn the crap out of beautiful fish and meat.

        2. St. Vincent and Rose Pistola have had it on the menu.

          I think many Italian restaurants could make it for you by advance special order.

          1. Jackson Fillmore had it up to 2011. Call.

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              Little Joe's used to have it in the seventies, when Paulo was still the chef. I could never figure out how the hell Paulo and Franco could keep up and find the time to make it. But I remember enjoying it. Paulo was a genius. None of the various incarnations of Little Joe's run by Franco ever held a candle to the original.