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Dec 7, 2012 05:18 PM

2 Ovens in Shrewsbury - GREAT!

Just had lunch at this new spot in Shrewsbury....Owned by the Bertucci Group, it's a new, fresher concept. All dishes prepared in 2 ovens. One for pizzas with a rotating platform that cooks the pizzas in 2-3 minutes, the other for all the other dishes. Sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and roasted entrees. We were in a large party and started with the pistachios (roasted with rosemary, lemon peel and chilis....outrageously good and addictive!) and a yummy feta spread. Great craft beer draft selection....I had a tasty Harpoon UFO white that I enjoyed. Pizzas we tried included: Butternut squash with fennel, garlic mushroom/caramelized onions, pesto/goat cheese/shrimp, pineapple/proscuitto, and pulled pork/apple. All were delicious...very thin, crispy crust with a bit of char and still some chew/texture. My dining companions also gave thumbs up to the chicken with piri piri sauce, roasted salmon, and pulled pork sandwich. All in all, a fun welcoming spot with great food and beverages....we''ll be back!

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  1. I'm bumping this up after 2 Ovens came up in a pizza discussion on another post. Has anyone else been? I'd love to hear other opinions.......Thanks hounds!