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Dec 7, 2012 04:30 PM

Truffles that smell like rotting fish

So my husband had a colleague give him a cooler still sealed from Italy with 3 black truffles in it. We were excited until we opened it and the ice packs had long warmed, the truffles were slimy, and the stench - I can only compare it to rotting fish - was overwhelming. Now I've had dishes with truffles in or on them countless times in Italy and the US and it has never smelled anything like these things smell. Has anyone else ever encountered this? Will they mellow with cooking? Should we even use them? We have them in the fridge sealed in a container with rice.


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  1. Slimy and a stench of rotting fish would be a good sign that these truffles are way past their prime, or have not been handled/stored properly. Truffles or not, I would not eat them.

    1. something has gone awry with your truffles. chuck them out.

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        The should have the aroma of damp earth or chestnuts.

        Agree with both posts above. Try a local source of Truffle in Olive Oil, which you can always return.

      2. Someone also gifted me a bottle of truffles once, that someone had gifted him, and they appeared to be moldy. I would look a gift horse in the mouth here!

        1. The original comment has been removed