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Dec 7, 2012 03:59 PM

dining solo in Yorkville

I realize there's already a dining at Opus solo thread.

I usually grab a quick bite at Whole Foods or the Coffee Mill, but both close relatively early.

Which other restaurants are ok for solo diners? Caren's would be ok, at the bar.

Is it possible to dine at the bar at L'Unita? I haven't been for ages, and I can't remember.

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  1. I've had dinner a couple of times at the bar at L'Unita. The service is always attentive and friendly. I haven't had dinner there in a few months, so I can't comment on how the food is now. I enjoyed my meal though.

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      La Societe on Bloor? I've never been there solo, but the room looks great. You can bring your own wine there as well.

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        i hate la societe but i can't imagine the thoughts of a single diner going in anywhere and bringing their own wine...

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          Guess you don't have a wine cellar? I bring my own stash whenevervi can. Most of the time the staff are so curious about what I've brought that if you offer them a taste, the corkage fee is waived. I'm not sure of the food at La Societe because I've always been in groups, but I've seen lots of single diners.

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            My first reaction was, OMG, I'd feel like a wino if I brought my own bottle alone for a solo meal (but don't feel that way if I am bringing one with a dinner companion). But, it sure makes the meal a lot cheaper. Sharing the bottle with the staff and getting the corkage fee waived lowers the costs even more. But, if you don't drink the whole bottle (that would be a feat to do alone!) does the LLBO allow one to take an opened BYO bottle with wine in it home from the restaurant?

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              i have a wonderful cellar...but i don't do byob. my point is/was that a solo diner i tend to order by the glass rather than a bottle. as for if you can take the leftovers with you...

              All establishments with a valid liquor sales licence that sell wine may choose to offer Take Home The Rest (THTR). THTR allows patrons to remove an opened, unfinished bottle of wine that they either brought with them or purchased at the restaurant. Controls must be in place to ensure the bottle is properly resealed. Wine made by a licensee under a wine pub endorsement cannot be resealed for THTR. Liquor sales licensees offering THTR must seal an unfinished bottle of wine with a cork that is flush with the top of the bottle.

              The places that I have seen this have a wine corker machine that puts a new cork in the bottle.

      2. I frequently have lunch at the bar at Shogun. I can't attest to the quality of their sushi, as I don't generally eat it, but I enjoy their sukiyaki bowl. And then I like to get a cup of gelato from Simply Gelato and go sit on the big boulders. In the summer, of course. :)

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          thanks- haven't been to Shogun in years!

          1. solo in la societe's bar section is perfectly fine.

            also fine is the poor man's version of la societe, the museum tavern.

            for sushi, shogun is not bad. wow sushi is a class above. both serve solo just fine.

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              Thanks for the Museum Tavern rec.