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Dec 7, 2012 02:57 PM

Anyone been to Tulsi lately?

I just got a Blackboard Eats offer for Tulsi. I've not tried it before, and have not seen recent reports on CH. It gets mixed reports on Yelp, and mostly raves on Opentable. Any recent experiences? Any comparison to Junoon, which I like very much?

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  1. I went about a month ago. If it were up to me I would've gotten the tasting menu as there were a lot of things not on the regular a la carte menu. Alas, we were a group of 8, some of whom are vegetarians and some of whom had no interest in spending more than $25, so my SO and I settled on the much talked about lamb chops and some stuffed chicken dish, preceded by something they called masala ceviche.

    The ceviche was tasty, but packed a lot of heat (the acidic kind) so after a while it became a bit of a chore to finish. We also had a taste of the samosas somebody else ordered, and those were quite good. As for the mains, the lamb chops were tandoori-cooked, so the bones were understandably charred, but parts of the meat were slightly burnt as well and that bitterness detracted from the otherwise tender, flavourful lamb. Not very gamy (which is too bad since I love gamy lamb). The chicken was well executed - moist with a well balanced if unremarkable stuffing.

    With naan and rice I think I spent $90-110 for the two of us - the tasting menu which is about 7-8 courses costs $65pp, so you can see why I was a little dismayed we weren't able to jump on that instead.

    Overall a decent meal. Was it Michelin star worthy? I don't know. I think Tamarind (which has its own hits and misses) was a bit more refined, but I haven't been to enough "upscale" Indian places to judge accordingly. I have not been to Junoon.

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      Thanks very much for the detailed report. It sounds like it's worth a try.

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        I was there last spring and again over the summer, both for business lunches, so I can't speak to dinner. Both times were a two hour affair, even though we were one of the only tables and we tried to hurry things along. Sides were forgotten. Main courses were decent, but appetizers were eh and dessert, which came with the lunch pre fixe, is inedible.

        In my opinion, Junoon's options were less creative but much better executed.

        I really wanted to like it cause I'm vegetarian and work a few blocks away from my office, but I just don't.

    2. Finally made it there last night, and am happy to report it was very enjoyable, in fact I would call most dishes we had impressive, both in quantity and quality. After a delicious amuse-bouche, we started with Barrah Kebab (4 big chunks of perfectly cooked lamb with a delicious spicy sauce) and crab cakes (very tasty, but they were really croquettes, as they were a mixture of crab and potato, so not really what I normally picture crab cakes to be). Next we had wild boar chops and goat biryani. Both were outstanding. We also shared an order of kulcha (stuffed bread) with spinach and goat cheese, which was a generous portion and very good. The cheese cake was a great ending. We had Indian beer, 1947 Lager, which was an excellent pairing for the spicy food.

      The host and servers were very gracious. Service was attentive, if a bit rushed. Our appetizers arrived almost seconds after ordering, and the main courses the minute we finished the appetizers.

      Ambience was more casual than I had expected. I was picturing something larger and more formal, like Junoon. This is more like a slightly upscale version of your average Indian place.

      The Blackboard Eats deal made this quite a bargain, but I would definitely return, even at full price.