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Dec 7, 2012 02:51 PM

Truffle prices 2012!

Hey folks, looking for the best prices on truffles for the season so I thought I'd throw them up here for reference as I find them...

Cheese Store of BH- white, over $330/oz. black $47/oz

Bay Cities- white $165/oz

Anyone else?

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  1. Ok....I realize this is a different way to go. But...you can buy domestic truffles from the mushroom guy at the Santa Monica and Hollywood Farmers Market. Much cheaper, of course, and not bad.

    1. It was a bad season for white alba truffles from what I understand. Had some at Providence a couple of weeks ago. They were large and beautiful appearing but lacked the fragrance of previous years. Not sure if this is a reflection of the poor season or just that batch.

      It may be a good year to try Australian and domestic.

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        I was lucky enough to be in the room recently when a truffle purveyor stopped by with his wares. The smell of truffles filled the room before he had even opened his bag!
        I wonder how much difference the truffle vendor makes...

      2. Also, online order house Gilt has them for $225/oz
        I believe Ruth Reichl has something to do with their food operations so...