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Dec 7, 2012 02:47 PM

Belton Farm Red Leicester

I'm a big fan of Sparkenhoe Red Leicester. It's a farmhouse cheese with a rich rounded flavour. And it was what I was looking for in Waitrose this afternoon.

They didnt have any but I spotted "Belton Farm Red Leicester Crunch". The packaging majored on its mature taste and gave a 5 (in the way that supermarkets rate their cheese for full flavour). I was intrigued as I've only seen a 5 on a good Cheddar (Montgomery, for example).

Got it home and, I have to tell, it is absolutely delicious. Not really like a Leicestershire in flavour - but Leicestershire annatto colour and the usual softish texture. Not sure how long it's matured for, but must be considerably longer than the usual Leicestershire time of 6 months..

Apparently it's exclusive to waitrose - go buy some!

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  1. good tip - thanks Harters.

    1. I bought some Harters, it's as good as you say! A lovely depth of flavour, almost fudgy. No sign of the Sparkenhoe though.