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Dec 7, 2012 02:19 PM

Cassoulet- but where?

It's cassoulet-type weather, but where might a gentleman find this cold-weather dish in Toronto? I'm partial to this wonderfully satisfying and substantial main dish, but my usual source - Mogette, a superior French bistro on Mount Pleasant Rd. - has, according to its website, removed it from its menu. I knoweth not why. Until someone can tip me off as to where else I can seek it out, I am bereft. As close to Yonge and York Mills as is possible, but for this dish I'm willing to make a safari (though not during rush hours). Kindly inform. I'll be eternally grateful.

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  1. This is nowhere near Yonge and York Mills, sadly, but Le Select on Wellington has cassoulet on its menu.

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      second this cassoulet. I enjoyed it at my last visit.

    2. Cassoulet is on the menu at

      Batifole .

      Coquine. Haven't eaten at Coquine, and I realize some Chowhounds have disliked their meals at Coquine immensely, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

      Southern Accent (Click special menus or prix fixe) :

      I noticed L'Avenue on Bayview has choucroute on the dinner menu, if you're in the mood for another French cold-weather dish. I haven't tried L'Avenue yet.

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        I've eaten at Coquine once, and had the Cassoulet. Both the experience and the dish were quite fine.

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          The version at Batifole is delicious. I find it very hard to order anything else when I go.

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            A big second on Batifole, best French bistro restaurant in Toronto. Their Cassoulet and Escargot are unbeatable.

            1. re: TorontoTuna

              I thought Batifole's escargot was pretty good but not their cassoulet. I thought it was mediocre, and the whole dish a stodgy mess.

            2. re: petra_reuter

              Batifole's cassoulet is absolutely horrible. The best I've had in Toronto is Gallery Grill. Le Paradise is also good.

          2. Le Paradis has it on their menu today.

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              My cup runneth over. Le Paradis is one of my favourite joints, though I haven't been in a while - which explains why I wasn't aware of cassoulet on its menu. Looks like the traditional recipe, too. I may give it a shot within the next week. Le Select, in a part of town where I don't ordinarily venture, also promises a traditional take on cassoulet. That'll be my backup. As will Batifole, which is noisy, but where the nosh is decent. I'll give a pass to Coquine, a jolly joint that blows hot and cold, mostly cold - unless you're out to make hew friends a the bar. I don't think Coquine can pull it off, and I'm not about to waste a night finding out if I'm right or wrong. (I'm too old to make new friends, anyway.) Southern Accent has seen better days, though some dishes rise above the rest, but their cassoulet - according to its website - is made with chicken rather than duck, which is a big non-no for me. Its price is right, though. L'Avenue? I haven't been there yet either, though I propose to get to it within the next few months - friends say it's pretty good - and, if it's cold, I may just call for choucroute, to see if my friends know what they're talking about. I'm much obliged for all the quick answers to my problem, and if anyone has any other suggestions, you're welcome to contribute.

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                I too have been craving cassoulet and sampled the offerings at Select and Paradis this week. If you remember the Paradis version, be forewarned, the one they're making now has a substantially more tomato-y sauce. The meal was lovely and satisfying, but I prefer the old version.

            2. There's a vegetable cassoulet (as wrong as that sounds) on Auberge du Pommier's Winterlicious lunch and dinner menus:
              Duck confit cassoulet on Bodega's Winterlicious lunch menu:

              Rosedale Diner also has a duck confit cassoulet on their Winterlicious dinner menu.

              1. Headed to Le Select last night with the fiancé as I have been craving a good cassoulet since my last visit to Paris. Absolutely loved the food and ambiance and the cassoulet!!! Everything was cooked perfectly! The beans had bite but soft a large piece of duck and generous portions of sausage and pork. Omgod. The only downside was no crust topping! I still thought it was fantastic and will be back again!!!