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Dec 7, 2012 02:04 PM

Beef Sliders

I'm making some for dinner tonight. What seasonings does everyone prefer to use? I usually onion and garlic.

Also, how do you cook yours? I have a cast iron skillet so I was thinking of using that or a George Foreman grill. I make these probably once a year so I don't have tons of experience with them.

Any input would be great!

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  1. I make these quite a bit for my two young sons. I splash a bit of Worcestershire sauce and sprinkle on some Montreal steak seasoning.

    I have grilled outside, used my ci skillet, broiled and used my Foreman grill as well, most recently this past Tuesday. Grilling outside over charcoal gives them great flavor, but they are a pain to flip. The foreman grill is actually the easiest, cooks both sides, and cleans easily. But I feel like it never gets hot enough, even though I preheat it for like 30 mins. But they come out fine. The ci skillet is probably second best, if you don't mind cleaning it and the grease splatters on the stove :)

    1. A great mix-in for burgers is a combination of pureed chipotles (include the adobo sauce), dijon mustard, and honey.

      1. A side of the seasoning you like, cook them med rare.

        1. salt, pepper and a whole whack of thai chilies that were crushed in a mortar (about 3 thai chilies per). Makes for some spicy/hot ones....

          1. Hi Guys!

            Thank you so much for your delicious suggestions!! I ended up making them with 3 cloves of garlic, a small onion (minced), a very generous amount of worcestershire sauce, smoked chill and garlic sea salt, and pepper.

            They came out delicious!! I made them in the cast iron skillet and when they were cooking on each side, i put a glass lid over them so the steam would help cook them. They came out moist, juicy and flavorful!!

            I topped a few with horseradish cheddar and some with smoked gouda. It was better than any restaurant could have made!!