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Dec 7, 2012 01:20 PM

Momofuku Milk Bar whole cakes

Anyone have experience with any of their whole cakes? I'm thinking of getting one for a party, but since you can't buy single slices, I'm looking for some feedback before taking the plunge.

If you like them, any particular flavor you'd recommend?

Haters need not respond, already know what you're going to say :)

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  1. Ive had one. It was a pretty good cake.

    the downsides were that it was ugly and expensive, but seeing as i didnt pay for it adn it was to be eaten, not framed and put on the wall, i let these slide.

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      Heh, yeah, noticed the steep price tag. You're saying not worth it? Remember which cake it was?

      I don't care that much about how it looks. It's not the type of party where I want to impress anyone, so I'll take ugly delicious over pretty but boring pile of fondant any day.

    2. While I like the cookies, crack pie and soft serve at Momofuku Milk Bar, I find it hard to eat more than two bites of their cakes, which I think work better as cake truffles. They're certainly fun and unusual though.

      1. Their banana cake is to die for. We used to get it by the slice and now need an excuse to buy a whole cake and share it with friends.

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          I love their banana bread cake! I haven't had it in a very long time. I do remember it being very filling and dense (in a good way!), once slice was more than enough to fill me up- which is probably why I never got a whole cake :)

          1. re: alkonost

            just ordered one for a party on friday. i'll let you know if it's still amazing.

            1. re: ztarsh

              I hope everyone at the party enjoyed the cake :) I'm craving a slice right now so I will live vicariously through you.

        2. I also remember their pistachio flavor being really good, and hating the malt one.

          1. I like their cakes. Small slices are key. Each one actually feeds twice as many people as they estimate, because they run on the sweet side. Love the dulce de leche one.

            If you really don't know which one to pick, get the wedding cake tasting sampler for $25?