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Dec 7, 2012 12:11 PM

Jin Hua Hams in Los Angeles

Can anyone tell me where in the Los Angeles area can you buy Jin Hua (Jinhua) hams? If I cannot find them is there any type of ham that can substitute?

Thanx in advance...

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  1. I've been wondering as well because I would really like to cook with this product.

    1. Last I checked Jinhua hams are not permitted in the U.S. (although that could've changed since I last looked into it). There's always the black market, but I wouldn't trust just anyone hawking "Jinhua" hams either here or in China.

      Best substitute in the U.S. is Smithfield hams (real Smithfield hams from Smithfield VA). Short of that you need to find a ham that's fresh and never been frozen, been cured for an extended period of time, heavily seasoned and aged rather extensively.

      1. China "fresh" pork is absolutely banned by the USDA.

        Jin Hua ham is just a ham hung up to 2 years. It's less salty than the Kentucky/VA hams, but the principle is the same. Look for G&S/Benton/Edward's ham that has been aged longer than usual. For example, Edward's has this "Surryano" ham that's age up to 18 months: