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Dec 7, 2012 12:04 PM

Mochi as a gluten free alternative - help!!!

I had mochi in Hawaii last year and loved it. So I finally found some here, baked it as per the instructions and it didn't double like I read it should and it wasn't awesome...can anyone give me some recipes or advice on how to best prepare a d serve this? I've diced up what was left of the not awesome, not poofy mochi and am thinking of frying, boiling, or steaming it to give it new life. Would any of those save it? Thanks!

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  1. pan-fry the diced mochi & use it as an ice cream or yogurt topping. you might even want to sweeten & flavor it (vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon...)

    which brand did you buy?

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      I did pan fry it, but I got rocks - too much oil maybe? I bought Eden and one other brand I can't remember, the other brand was more sticky than the Eden but not in a good way.

    2. do you have a good japanese grocery near you? it may be your lucky day bc it's right around new years and that's when japanese grocery stores carry mochi rice. you can make your own and i found that it's much better although i've only done it a few times in my life. the end product is a nice soft dough versus the hard square. the pre-made mochi is usually very old. did you put it under the broiler?

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        I didn't broil it, I will try that with what I still have, and see if I can find a place that makes or sells it for next year. I haven't had it enough times to be able to make it I don't think :) have to try it, I didn't even think about checking for Japanese stores thanks!