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Dec 7, 2012 11:54 AM

Just had a fried chicken epiphany

Last night I did a test run on my poached chicken drum sticks then cooled then floured then let rest for half an hour so the flour turned gummy then into egg yolk dip then into panko then into deep frying lard. So? B/c after I flour dredged them and the flour was 'gummy' I gently rolled the drum sticks in some fresh grated lemon zest. The zest stuck to the flour. Then into beaten egg yolks then into the panko. The result was/is AMAZING! 'Lemon Chicken'? You bet. Try it. Next time I'll definitely do the lemon zest trick but also add fine chopped fresh thyme too. I think I might be onto something. Watch out KFC! LOL

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  1. Instead of double dredging (I like a layer of crispy breading, but not too much on my fried chicken), have you tried using Thomas Keller's recipe which calls to brine the chicken in a variety of flavors (including lemon zest and herbs) that way you don't have too much breading on the chicken. Of course if you like the thick layer of crust, your way is of course better! I think I'm also weary of the zest falling off and burning and making the oil bitter.

    1. Sound like a great experiment. I've been brining my chicken pieces for about 3 hours lately. Poaching sound like a great idea, too. The lemon is brilliant! How about ginger and soy with that lemon? Although the thyme thought sounds even better....

      1. What's with the poaching? You lose so much taste and fat.

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          Oops, good point. I think it's for tenderness.

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            Not IMO. I always reduce the poaching stock and save it. Poaching doesn't lose any taste IMO. The chicken, game birds etc are always tender and delicious. I'm not really "double dredging" unless you think rolling the drum sticks in panko is another dredge...which I guess it is. The fat isn't going anywhere. Poaching just softens the fat. The zest doesn't fall off b/c it's stuck to the gummy flour. Fresh ginger very finely chopped sounds great! You name it. I'd be really interested in reading posts by other CHer's who try the idea. I think the key is to wait until the flour is really gummy on the skin and only then roll the chicken pieces in lemon zest/crated ginger etc. Then into a egg yolk wash then into panko or whatever.