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Dec 7, 2012 11:50 AM

west village restaurant ?

hello -
im looking for suggestions for a west village restaurant for tonight...looking for a good but not super pricey restaurant for me & my husband. first dinner in potentially over a year without our kids. we like good food, but in this instance we're actually looking more for quiet, relaxing ambience more than anything else (although great food would be welcome of course!). Somewhere we can get very good food and not deal with a very cramped, crowded, loud friday night crowd. Would prefer not italian, and would like quiet but not stuffy (dont want to feel we have to dress up or anything). Were thinking about pearl oyster bar? but not sure how relaxing it is there on a friday night? thanks so much!!

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  1. It's going to be hard to find somewhere quiet, with great food, not too expensive, in the West Village, and with openings this late.

    Pearl Oyster Bar is typically a madhouse on Friday night, unless you line up before they open.

    Mas (farmhouse) has a 6pm opening on OpenTable. It's not super formal, but not super casual either. Mas (la grillade) has early tables available as well.

    Perilla might work as well -- you can also dine at the bar there.

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      A new restaurant called Louro from Chef Dave Santos, formerly of Griffou, Bouley and Per Se, just opened this week in a prime area in the West Village.

      I was there for a tasting dinner earlier in the week and I can say that the food is fantastic, as all of Chef Santos's food is. The prices are also in line with what you've requested here. While I can't vouch for the ambiance and noise level on a Friday night, I can vouch for Chef Santos's food and I can report that there is availability for a party of 2 at 7pm tonight.

      Check out the menu and see if it fits your requirements - I think it may!

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        Le Gigot is an underlooked gem in my opinion. Seating is "cozy." Not hushed but not particualry noisy if memory serves me. Much less of a scene than Pearl.

        Mas Farmhouse is lovely; you can wear "nice" jeans. I only had one lunch at Mas Grillade and was not wowed, but would return to sample more of the menu. The space is handsome.

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          Le Gigot is pretty small -- they might get turned away without a reservation. I wasn't very impressed by the food, but it is pretty cute.

      2. Thanks for the replies! We did end up at pearl - we were there at 5:45 (had to be done early anyway) so we got seated as soon as it opened. Oysters & shrimp cocktail were fantastic. Also had lobster roll which is delicious but actually too rich for me. Had a lovely time though. We went to mas farmhouse a couple years ago for our anniversary - had never heard of it before that night and it ended up one of the best meals I've had. Great suggestion.