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Dec 7, 2012 11:47 AM

Gluten free ginger wine subst

Hi All,

I have a friend with coeliac coming for dinner tomorrow night. I made a beef stew that contains ginger wine, star anise and clementine juice. I have just discovered that Stone's Green Ginger Wine contains gluten, dammit! I will make a new small batch for her. What do people think is a good subst for the ginger wine - brandy and ground ginger?


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  1. I find Stone's to be a little sweet flavor-wise. I think substituting a medium-dry sherry and a little ginger juice (The Ginger People make a good one) would come close.

    BTW- would love your recipe. It sounds absolutely delicious!

    1. I too would love the recipe!

      1. Just googled--is it the Waitrose recipe you're making? Did it turn out well?

        1. You might try contacting or visiting a local homebrew store. There is a ginger wine concentrate, but I am not sure they will have it as ginger wine is far more common in the UK and Ireland.

          The suggestion here sounds close:

          1. Thanks for the input everyone. I remembered that she is apparently unable to drink vodka even though most websites say its fine for people with coeliac. So even though cognac, sherry etc should be fine I decidedly not to risk it and just to use stock and fresh ginger along with the clementine juice. It's cooking now and I may add some ground ginger to taste.

            And the those asking, yes it is the waitrose recipe. I know that Christmas is coming when someone in my family cooks it!

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              vodka is most often either potato or grain-based. cognac and sherry are only ever grape-based.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                And yet she drinks gin which I thought could be grain-based. Various gluten free websites seem to say that all distilled spirits are GF, which would include vodka. Logically I know you're right about cognac and sherry but I would have thought the same about ginger wine too! Poor girl, it must be very difficult for her.