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Dec 7, 2012 11:20 AM

Great Cheese Shops

I'm looking for a great cheese shop in Palm Beach County. Any recommendations? I know The Cheese Course, but is there anything else.

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  1. Fresh Market and Whole Foods have decent cheese departments

    1. Check out The Boys on Atlantic Avenue and Military in Delray. Same selection as Whole Foods at half the price.

      1. Good luck with that. Unfortunately, stores on South Florida don't sell enough cheese to afford legitimate cheese experts. Thus, the quality erodes quickly.

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          Adding a related question: Is there anyplace in the county that sells fresh ricotta cheese?
          Fresh mozzarella that has not been refrigerated?

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            Mozzarita in Pompano Beach sells Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses made right there - I don't know if the mozzarella is refrigerated or not. IT is also sold at Whole Foods markets and Joe's Italian Market in Boca but I prefer to buy it directly - it just seems fresher when I do. They also make a very good Burrata. Here's the link to their web site with all of their products.


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              Thanks! I had read mention of them but was not sure if they sold retail at the store. Does the shop keep regular business hours?

              When I asked about unrefrigerated mozzarella, I was referring to the Italian delis that pile the fresh cheese on the counter for sale. I find that both the texture and the taste suffer from regrigeration. I plan to spend somem time in the area this winter and wanted to have my sources lined up!

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                I am familiar with that type of cheese as I have spent a great deal of time in Italy however I don't think US food laws allow for that type of cheese display. I suggest you check with them as to their hours of operation. As they are mostly wholesale at their location I believe they are only open Monday to Friday.

                1. re: DolceFarNiente

                  Thanks to you both. Interesting about the possible legal prohibition in Florida, because here in NYC the better Italian delis sell their fresh mozzarella from the counter, where it is left unrefrigerated. But then, our temperatures do not reach the heights of those in south Florida!

                  Will certainy pay a visit to Mozzarita! Thanks for that info.

                  1. re: erica

                    I am stopping at Mimi's in Hollywood on Thursday for another item and I understand they also make their own cheese so will check it out and let you know what I find.

        2. The factory in Pompano Beach sells all their products retail, you can call for business hours. I know they are open Monday - Saturday, just not sure of the hours. The absolute best mozzarella and ricotta you will find in the area. The prices at the factory are 1/2 what you pay at Whole Foods. They also sell at the Green Markets (Delray, Boca, West Palm) on Saturday mornings.

          If you do go to the factory in Pompano, check out Emils Sausage in Deerfield Beach. They are an German-style meat market, make sausages, cure meats, etc. The best ham you will ever eat.

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            BTW - Emile's also has the best weisswurst and merguez I've had and a killer German mustard that puts Dijon to shame!! All of their meats are excellent.