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Dec 7, 2012 10:35 AM

Holiday Gift For Wife Getting Into Cookie Making

Hello All,

My wife has recently gotten more into making cookies and I wanted to get her a holiday "gift set" to encourage this habit! I was thinking a good cookbook and any side equipment.

As for cookbook I saw Maida Heater's cookbook recommended in other threads. But I know she also likes stuff with pictures and it doesn't seem this has it. Anything else that folks recommend that have good interesting recipes with pictures...

And is there any equipment (silicon baking sheets, cooling racks etc). Figure this is a good way to use our 20% off coupons at BBB...

Thanks all,


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  1. Off the top of my head, I'd say baking sheets and cooling racks are a great idea, along with pre-cut parchment sheets, ice cream scoops of various sizes (they make getting your cookies evenly sized a snap), oven mitts, fun molds and cutters, etc. Also, if she likes frosting/decorating, you could get her decorating bags and tips, food colorings, etc.

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      All of this^^^. And an extra note on cooling racks... get the kind that can stack on each other. If she makes a large quantity of cookies at once the racks can take up a lot of counter space. The stacking ones help with that. Oh and get the metal baking "half sheets" with the sides, not the non-stick variety.

      Also there seems to be mixed opinions, but I really do like my silicon baking mats. Others prefer parchment. I've found the best prices to be on for them though, not a brick & mortar store.

    2. Not sure if she getting into cookies in general or specific kinds but the "Cookie Bible" is very basic cookbook for someone just getting started. To that you could include a roll of good parchment paper, a couple of silpats, cooling racks and cookie sheets.

      If she likes or is interested in cut out cookies you could pick out some special/sentimental cookie cutters. They make so many cool ones so you could find one of your state or the state your were married, letters that spell our your names or initials, a variety of heart shapes, stars, moons. If you have animals (or she loves them) there are dogs, cats, pigs, cows etc.

      1. Does she have a stand mixer? That's my number one tool for serious cookie making.

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          that was my idea -- I was jumping up and down like a four-year-old when I opened the 6-quart Artisan Kitchenaid my hubby gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

          it has turned out literally thousands of cookies over the last several years (I was the chief cookie supplier for the youth football takes a LOT of cookies!) -- and shows no signs of stopping.

          1. re: sunshine842

            Oh yes, I forgot about a KitchenAid - it is a MUST! Some of the best money I ever spent.

          2. re: cookie monster

            Thanks for all the quick responses. To answer some questions:
            (1) I don't think she will be in to decorating - she primarily likes cookies b/c they take less time and less fuss than baking other things and my guess is decorating defeats that purpose

            (2) Scoop and shapes sound like a fun idea

            (3) Yes I think a kitchen aid mixer may be in the pipeline at some point

            Any other cookbooks recommended to start with?

            1. re: bennyscuba

              I just checked out my cook book shelves and the ones I own are:

              Martha Stewart Cookies

              Gourmet Cookie Cookbook (1941-2009)

              Rose's Christmas Cookies

              I probably use my Joy of Cooking cookbook the most for cookies since I tend to stick to the basics-chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies. But I have to say that I love Rose's for cookie swaps as she has a huge selection and many of them are good for beginners or moderate bakers. Martha's is good too but I don't use as often. The Gourmet one is a great read, almost a coffee table book. If she likes to read cookbooks or enjoys reading food mags you can't go wrong with that one.

              1. re: bennyscuba

                not a cookbook, but the Smitten Kitchen blog has great cookies.
                and yes, a Kitchen Aid.

                1. re: magiesmom

                  Yes and I think they just came out with compilation book. I LOVE their potato chip cookies!


                  1. re: foodieX2

                    well, it's not a compliation book, thought there are some recipes form the blog they are mostly new. Many more cookies on the blog, though the peanut butter chocolate cookies in the book are TO DIE FOR.

            2. How about good vanilla extract and good vanilla beans?

              1. I love making cookies :) especially at Christmas, but most of my recipes are ones that have been passed down. I do have a list of favorites for tools, though :) 1) Silicone baking mats (make clean up 1,000x easier), 2) airbake/insulated cookie sheets 3) For roll out cookies, a good pastry mat that's NOT silicone. I have a Norpro one that has a wooden frame and is canvas. 4) Kitchenaid mixer - I've never happily made cookies without it :) 5) To go WITH the kitchenaid, I love my glass bowl and scraper blade - the scraper blade is perfect for the creaming stage of cookies 6) Cooling racks, not picky about brand or anything 7) If she likes rolled cookies at all, Wilton comfort grip cookie cutters are my favorites :) 8) I second the good vanilla, but get the vanilla beans (B Grade) and make your own in vodka ("steep" for 6 months) - super cheap and the best tasting vanilla you'll ever have 10) If you want fun ideas for stocking stuffers, find sprinkles/cookie cutters/fancy/gourmet baking chips (These really are in no particular order :))