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Dec 7, 2012 10:07 AM

ISO: Organic/Non-GMO Soybeans

Here I am again, hoping the watchful CH observers can tell me if they've found or seen another food item I'm looking for, anywhere around Boston. Trying to find non-GMO soybeans, and I don't currently drive, so this can narrow down my searches tremendously... and a big thanks, ahead of time.

I want to try my hand at tofu making, per Andrea Nguyen's instructions in her book, "Asian Tofu." (LOVE this cookbook, btw - I borrow everything - and I mean *everything* - from my local library, but plan to buy this for my bookshelf). Ordering online is a possibility, but I like to buy as local as possible, AND don't want to order a huge amount until I try this out (and see if it's worth it).

Russo's says they don't carry it, btw...

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  1. Can't help you much with buying that type of soybeans locally. I couldn't find a few years ago. I ended up
    buying at
    Those were the best soybeans I ever had. They are not organic but they are non-GMO. Even my parents were impressed with the taste of the soymilk. But you have to buy
    in huge quantities. Back at the time, I tried making my own tofu (3 tries... took forever. Lots of cost involved). So I've moved on. I heard about Andrea Nguyen's book just hasn't had a chance to see if I would go back to trying to make tofu.

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      Thanks for the link, missbidon! They have a smaller amt available for $10 (including shipping) - that's enough for me to try it out, to see if it's worth the effort & cost - if it works out, I don't mind buying a larger quantity. Great to know they taste good - I especially don't want to go to all this trouble & have it ruined due to crappy soybeans!

    2. is my favorite online source of organic/nonGMO seeds/beans, and they have soy. Always fabulous quality for sprouting/etc. Shipping costs are a bit of an issue since though they are a major seed vendor, they're still a small family company.

      I have a soymilk maker and keep intending to try tofu but just keep putting it off. January project!

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        Looks like another good resource for me! Also good in case I decide to garden this next season. Thanks, DuchesNukem!