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Dec 7, 2012 09:03 AM

I just saw the Chow "Insta-infusions" video -- has anyone tried any, yet?

I just saw this It is so amazing. Have any of you tried this? Are there any other recipes out there? What about coffee liqueur or cream liqueur? Instant mojo de ajo sounds like fun.

Here is some more info:

(this one includes a recipe for bacon whiskey

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  1. I've been doing NO2 cavitation with fruits and herbs to flavor spirits for the past two years. I was at the first seminar when Dave Arnold talked about the process, it was before he found out why it worked. He didn't find out about cavitation until months later. It works well.

    Just this morning I realized I hadn't made up a batch of cherry bounce for the holidays, so I used frozen cherries, sugar, and bourbon. First I put into quart jars, sealed, and shook them every now and then to melt the sugar. Later today I'm going to pick up some NO2 chargers and cavitate the mixture. It should take a three month process and make it so I can filter and bottle right away.

    I haven't flavored oils yet. I have marinated meats in sauce. That was around on the internet a few years before Dave tried doing it with spirits and is where he got the idea from.

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      The cherry bounce idea sounds wonderful. I haven't had that in ages.

      I've done meats in a vacuum, but not in NO2. What kind of vessel do you use? Do you chop them up?

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        I NO2 cavitated the Bounce. I'll taste tomorrow.

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          At least a months worth of flavor extraction from a one minute cavitation. Never had Cherry Bounce taste this good so fast. Since i am trying to make three months worth of maturation happen in just a few weeks, I have to speed up the effect of oxidation. Tomorrow I'll through it in the blender, then back in jars to mature for a week. Then I'll filter some of it through a buchner filter with a hand vacuum pump. I should end up with a dark red, but clear, batch of Cherry Bounce.

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            I decided not to blend. The flavor extraction is so big that I just let the cherries sit in the bounce to mellow the past two weeks. today I bottled up the Cherry Bounce to give as presents. I's a deep, dark, purple; with a beautiful aroma and taste. Also the cherries were so tasty that I jarred them up to give as gifts for use as cocktail cherries.

            1. re: JMF

              My dad always told the story of him as a little boy stealing the cherries from the bounce jar because they were so tasty. I wish I had the old family bounce jar.