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Just had a cold meatloaf sandie at Blue Ribbon

And now I'm feeling blue. :( Ordered a special, meatloaf sandwich with spicy mayo, got it home, and took a bite. The loaf was a square block of cold meat. Very depressing. Got a side of cheese mash, which was notably devoid of deliciousness. Green beans were good. Hmph.

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  1. It's been my experience that true meatloaf sandwich devotees (I'm married to one) *want* the meat to be cold. Although I can totally see that that would be off-putting if you were expecting it to be hot.

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      Absoultely cold, If was warm I'd send it back.

    2. I will cheerfully eat a cold meatloaf sandwich made from leftovers in the fridge. But a meatloaf special from Blue Ribbon had better be hot and toasty, I agree.

      1. I generally prefer cold, myself, but expectations matter.


        1. I had a decent (tasting) pastrami sandwich from the Arlington branch about a month ago. While it tasted good when eaten with a fork and knife, it wasn't a well executed sandwich. I resolved to stick to the basics there after that.

          Of course now I'm locked into to three more Groupon supported lunches, so may have to poke around the menu a little.

          1. I would expect a meatloaf sandwich to be cold if it was served with mayo., and I would expect a warm meatloaf sandwich to be served with gravy.

            1. I like meatloaf sandwiches cold.

              But, it would be really nice if everyplace made clear that a given sandwich is hot or cold, if it's not on some list under hot or cold or otherwise obvious. Or ask. I know I've had some rude surprises. My pet peeve is when someplace puts lettuce on a sandwich then toasts it, gross.

              1. The meatloaf sandwich at Blue Ribbon has always been served hot. To keep down the messiness I always order it as a wrap.


                1. I'll take my meatloaf sandwich cold with a bit of ketchup. I used to get those from Mom in school lunches. Do you think it was a food safety issue to keep that in my desk all morning?

                  I haven't been to Blue Ribbon in a few years, as it left me feeling blue more often than not.

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                    My desk was also my lunch storage spot, still alive to post about it! My sandwich was made with mayo and lettuce.

                  2. To me, it all depends on the loaf. Give me a nice slab of tender, well-seasoned meatloaf cold with a bit of mustard on good bread and I'm a happy girl. Give me a cold, dense block of bland meat and I'll take a pass, thanks. Sounds like Blue Ribbon's was in the latter category. Maybe it's a different animal when it's warm. Thanks for the warning, swank.