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Dec 7, 2012 08:36 AM

December 25th near Airport – Help!

I have relatives passing through Toronto on 25 Dec (scheduled mid-afternoon) who are heading North (via 400). I’d like to find somewhere we could meet up for a few hours (with food) – but even Tim Horton’s is closed that day!

Does anyone know of anything open? I’m guessing airport strip is best candidate, although there could be Asian (or other) places open. NOT interested in a highway Service Centre!


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  1. I would hit up The Grand at the Doubletree hotel for dim sum/Chinese food.

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      The Doctor's House in Kleinburg is also showing availability at 3 pm on Opentable.,,,

      Olio at the Airport Sheraton has a 2 pm reservation available on Opentable. I ate at Olio several years ago, when the Sheraton was a Renaissance. It was decent for a hotel restaurant near the airport. Olio also reopens at 5 pm for dinner on Xmas Day. Brunch menu: ;-),

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          Unfortunately I can't commit to a specific time - although maybe I could make a res for, say 5:00. I'm expecting arrival at 3:00 - but who knows what delays can/will occur (e.g. weather). I don't want to take a reservation then have to cancel as I'm still waiting for them to arrive - that's not fair to the restaurant.
          But I 'should' be safe after 5:00 - maybe!
          Olio looks an excellent bet for 'early evening'.