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Place for a leisurely lunch/afternoon in Uptown Minneapolis?

I am planning to catch up with two old friends on an upcoming Saturday, and am looking for a restaurant/cafe where we could spend a few hours chatting - or both a restaurant and a cafe/bar if they are located close by. We are aiming for an Uptown location, but I'm open to other nearby suggestions - Wedge, East Isles, etc. or a near-Western suburb location (one friend will be coming from Hopkins). Of course, good food is desired as well.

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  1. Republic opens at 10 am on Sat. 2nd floor Calhoun Square/ Lake and Henn.

    1. I have not been yet but heard great things about the food at the Kenwood if you want to be near Lk of Isles.

      Another location that would work for a good amount of time talking would be Yum on Lake St at the SLP border.

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        The lamb burger at Birdhouse is pretty damn tasty, and it is a really laid back vibe in there.

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          +1 on The Kenwood. I've only been for brunch but it was divine and the atmosphere is lovely and casual.

        2. Lucia's or Cafe Barbette would be excellent.

          1. Lucia's Wine Bar would be my go to place.

            1. I'll be honest, I got nothin' on this one ...

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                  For the love of all that is holy, please no. Do NOT go to Amore Victoria. Do NOT. Went there for Restaurant Week once and my friend was served frozen, yes FROZEN, vegetable lasagna. Will not return. Ever.

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                    Agree about Amore Victoria. Some friends like to do happy hour there. I've always thought they get their appetizer recipes from TGIFridays or Applebees. That bad

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                    As a WAC tour guide, I would second the recommendation for Gather. They aren't open on Mondays because the museum is closed. They are open for lunch Tuesday-Sunday and open late on Thursday nights. Get the grilled cheese and tomato soup for gourmet comfort food at it's finest.