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Dec 7, 2012 06:45 AM

Moving to Visalia/Dinuba area soon...

I would love some recommendations about any places that are worth checking out (or ones to stay away from) in the Visalia/Dinuba area. I love most all kinds of food so any and all suggestions are appreciated. We'll be exploring the region so any places within reason, like Fresno, are welcome too.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Here's just the past year's threads for "Fresno" on the CA board. Check them out then give us some more specifics as to what you would like. Welcome to the central valley.

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      Thanks Pb! I have searched through some of the Fresno posts and made notes of some places to try. I certainly have more reading to do. I would like opinions of anything worth trying specifically in Dinuba and Visalia as that's where my fiancé is working and we are staying, respectively.

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        Have you tried searching for each, first search gives you the past year, you can then select "Past 5 years" for more info. I don't get down there much anymore so my notes are pretty old, I did find and entry for P & A Mexican food, but a search turned up Sandoval's that might be more promising.

        For Visalia I have Cafe 225, Fiugazzi's, Mr. Gabe's, La Dolce Vita (closed?) and then the old standby, The Vintage Press. I'm sure there's been more recent discussions.

    2. You might try The School House north of Reedley on Frankwood Ave at Hiway 180. I haven't been yet, but have heard it's good.


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      1. re: Bakersfield Hound

        Thanks BH - My fiance was taken there just last week by some of his colleagues. He thought it was good and we'll be going back once I get out there!

      2. Farmersville used to have some good Mexican restaurants. And the farmstands along the Farmersville-Tulare road are good.

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        1. re: toodie jane

          TJ - thanks! I look forward to trying the various farmstands I can find too!

        2. I'm a Visalia native, and was living up in Clovis from the end of 2010 up until May of this year after spending almost a decade in Chicago. Now I'm in Colorado but my folks still live in Clovis. My work was on Main St in Visalia also, along with most of my friends. For Mexican in Visalia I liked Colima (the one on Main Street just east of Court) the best. Also Taqueria El Mejor is great for "street style" tacos, and it's super cheap. It's on Court Street just north of Main (around the corner from Colima).

          I would also check out some of the little spots in Exeter. Monet's, Whistle Stop, and Wildflower are all great cafes. Great for a weekend brunch.

          In Clovis/Fresno, Trelio is the best place, hands down. While not SUPER fancy, the price point and style of food makes it more for a special occasion, for Clovis/Fresno anyway. You need reservations for weekends pretty much. It's a small place. Great wine list. I would go there over The Vintage Press in Visalia anytime.

          Also, a bit of a plug, but my friend owns the only cupcake shop in Visalia, The Frosted Muffin. It's on Church just south of Main street. The cupcakes really are good though, and she's opening up another location in the Mooney Blvd area.

          On Wednesdays and Fridays for lunch, The Four Seasons Market (which is a gas station) serves the most amazing tri-tip sandwiches for like $6. They are located across from the ballpark in Visalia, on the SW corner of Giddings and Murray. Go around 11 or 12 because they usually run out by 1pm or so.

          Also as already mentioned, Cafe 225 and Fugazzi are also good, on Main Street as well. Between the two, I like Cafe 225 better.

          For donuts in Visalia, you must go to Scotty's Donuts on Walnut, a bit east of Court Street, next to the 7-11. It looks like an old drive-thru hamburger stand. Awesome donuts, and they serve that ice that is in little pebbles :)

          Up in Reedley, which is near Dinuba, check out Uncle Harry's Classic Meals.

          Hope this list will help you get started :) Also the suggestion to check out the produce stands between Visalia and Farmersville is a good one. Pretty much any produce roadside stand you find around there will have great quality stuff for very good prices. That's what I miss the most about living in the area.

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          1. re: juliejulez

            Awesome info Julie - thanks! I can't wait to get there after the first of the year and start trying out all these places. I'll definitely report back on my experiences too.

            I appreciate the insider tips from you and everyone so far. It's a great starting point for this girl from Texas!

          2. El Tarasco in Visalia on Main street or Alejandra's on Main too. Farmersville... La Mejor or Angelinas both on Farmersville Blvd. (I like both in Visalia better..probably Tarasco more)