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Dec 7, 2012 06:10 AM

Reservations vs walk ins?

Fellow hounders -

I'm trying to set up a dinner with a client on the 19th of December, probably around 6 or 6:30. There will be three of us, and we'll be looking for a special experience - I've done St. John a few times, and I love it - I've also noticed that Bull and Last and Harwood Arms seem similar based on comments here on the board.

As I've checked for reservations for each, there isn't much to be had on the early side, which is my client's preference - only 9:45 and later.

My apologies for the verbosity, so back to my original question - of the three, if any, what would be our best bet to just head over around 6pm, hit the bar, and try to put our name in for a table? I don't think we'd have any problem sitting for an hour or so at a decent bar and snacking before our meal.


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  1. Try phoning for a reservation. Places don't release all their available slots to Toptable.

    1. I've just checked and you could book a table at St John Hotel in the West End or at St John Bread and Wine at Spitalfields for 1800-1830 on the 19th. I would strongly recommend doing that as at that time of year there is no guarantee you would get a seat in the main restaurant by turning up on the day and for a client meal I wouldn't take that risk.

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        Thanks guys - I tried calling today, and the nice lady told that their reservation servers are down and I should try back on Monday.