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Dec 7, 2012 01:18 AM

need recipes: pie baked INSIDE cheesecake

There was an on-line article a few weeks ago about this phenomenon (travesty??), but no recipes. It's so extravagant, I'd like to try it for some holiday parties. It's actually a complete pie, that is somehow baked inside a cheesecake. I assume both are baked at the same time (ie, that the pie is not baked separately, and then added to the liquid cheesecake, where they are both baked)

Google has not been my friend. Any suggestions on how/where to find these recipes?

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  1. It's not a cheesecake, but I remember seeing this on the FN - Google "cherpumple" and you'll get the instructions behind the three-layer pies-within-cakes. The article says it's best to start with pre-baked or frozen pies.

    I think I could warm up to the idea of doing this inside cheesecake (esp if it were a cherry or blueberry pie, because then it would be like the topping I would have used anyway) - the pies in the cakes scare me.

    You're gonna need one hell of a big springform pan!

      1. I would imagine the pie is baked seperately.

        1. as already mentioned, the cherpumple (or its cousin the pumpple) is pie-within-a-cake, but this is the only pie inside a *cheesecake* i could dig up with a search...