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Dec 6, 2012 09:21 PM

Where to buy Okinawan Sweet Potato

Does anyone know of any place in SF that sells Okinawan Sweet Potatoes? I got back from Hawaii recently and I'm hooked on the purple goodness!

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  1. They sometimes have them at Berkeley Bowl, but I haven't seen them lately.

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    1. re: kzukor

      I've never ever seen them at Berkeley Bowl which is disappointing to me since I shop there pretty much all the time. Are there other east bay spots where they appear?

      1. re: noodlelife

        I know I've gotten them in the past from either Berkeley Bowl West (which was blocks from my house, so I was there very frequently) and/or Monterey Market, though it isn't an always have at either. I don't know if it is seasonal--my first google result at the Honoulu Star says, "Okinawan sweet potato is generally available year-round, however peak season is September through the end of the year." I remember bringing haupia pie to a wine crush event, which fits in with that timing, so it is possible they are at more markets that time of the year.
        Yesterday I think I saw them at Sun Hop Fat #1, on 12th St., but I also stopped by Thien Loi Hoa, so it could have been there.

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          I think local are seasonal but imported are available year-round.

    2. I'm in S. Bay & have seen them @ Nijiiya, and Marukai markets.

      1. Last weekend I bought some at Nijiya in San Francisco to make purple sweet potato lattes.

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        1. re: jaspermiles

          Is Okinawan sweet potato the same as japanese sweet potato? i buy them weekly at farmer's market in the south bay. and these days asian growers are harvesting them so it should be available in other markets.

          1. re: ckshen

            Sweet potatoes labeled "Japanese" are usually white inside and "Okinawan" ones are purple inside.

            1. re: jaspermiles

              ah. thank you. how do they differ in taste?

          2. re: jaspermiles

            "purple sweet potato latkes"...those sound wild.

            1. re: jaspermiles

              Ooh, thanks! I'll go check out Nijiya.

              1. re: gaianeh

                I also got them at Japantown in SF at Super Mira.

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              1. I could've sworn I spied some of these at one of the vendors inside the Ferry Building.

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                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Nakashima Farms used to have them, but I don't see them on the list any more.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Don't remember the vendor's name, but it's the one directly across from the meat/butcher stall.