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Dec 6, 2012 08:55 PM

Finding good Chinese/Asian pastries for tea

I'm crazy for really fine loose-leaf green and oolong teas, and I've noticed that the only pastries or cookies that really go well with them are Asian too. Minimally sweet, sometimes with interesting filling like bean paste.

I'm inexperienced with Chinese bakeries, but most I've ventured into seem to feature oversweet Western-style cakes, sponge cakes, and Chinese buns, maybe scallion pancakes.

I'm thinking more of small, light pastries. I've had some but I'm afraid I don't know what any of them are called by name. For all I know they may be made with something other than wheat flour.

Any suggestions of bakeries, groceries, and specific items would be welcome. Even pre-packaged, if they're good.


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  1. Give iris Tea And Bakery, on the corner of Prince and Roosevelt in downtown Flushing, a shot. Like a great many bakeries/cafes in the area, they're Taiwanese. They're also definitely a cut above. Next to Beautiful Memory Desserts in the New World Mall, Iris is my favorite place for dessert in the area.

    The trunk bread is amongst my favorite items, so named because it's a cube of bread, not unlike challah bread french toast in texture and taste, that's been crushed somewhat as if stuffed into a trunk. They look somewhat comical but taste better.

    Nothing here is overly sweet and a lot of their fare, I believe, meets your criteria in terms of lightness. Maybe not like Japanese pastries, but heading in that direction.

    Wash it all down with an Okinawa milk tea while you're at it.